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Welcome to Team B Marketing! We combine strategic planning and creative ideas to help you achieve your ultimate goal: reaching and engaging your customers. We help you define your objectives, devise a strategy, and implement your plan.

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Reducing the Learning Curve

Reducing the learning curve The learning curve refers to the time it takes to learn something from novice to productive user.   Why is it called the curve?  Well let’s look at an example: You can see the curve that happens over time it can take various shapes, curves, and even angles depending on what is […]

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Risk and Communications

I was first introduced to the game RISK When I was 12 years old.  My older brother was about to start a game with some of his friends.   I had no concept of the game but still wanted to be included.  After quite a bit of resistance from my brother, they let me play.  Little […]

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Generating Content isn’t Always Easy

Coming up with content to post to the many, many social sites out there on a consistent basis can be quite a challenge .  Do you remember when you didn’t even have to check Facebook on a daily, if not hourly, basis?  How else would you know what someone’s kid was up to? Well now that you have […]

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