The Role of Traditional Marketing in a Social World

Ever since people figured out you could use Myspace to promote their brother’s awesome band, trends have moved the traditional marketing world towards a more social presence.  This isn’t to say that traditional marketing is dying, not even close, trends demonstrate that companies are simply expanding their efforts to incorporate more social trends. Even as social sites follow the pattern of infectious disease outbreaks, social media will most likely never disappear but just have a different logo.  We are still in the growth stages of Digital Marketing, with nearly 2/3 of marketers planning to increase their social media ad spending this year, expect an even bigger push to incorporate brands into the social marketplace. It’s clear that we can’t simply apply new social technology to the old marketing mix and expect it to work, nor can we maintain the status quo within traditional marketing planning where the same budget from last year is expected to add an entirely new, and necessary resources to the mix. So is traditional media dead?  Check your mail, I bet you are still getting some junk mail or a reminder post card from your dentist, doctor, or even mechanic.  Even though Social Media has been around for quite some time, marketers are still trying to figure out how to seamlessly navigate these opportunities with the same resources they have always had. What do we do?  Well, regardless of the medium, there are still some mainstays:

mainstays of advertising What is important to remember is that while the landscape has been shifting, it hasn’t quite settled.  Every trend that is realized is soon revised.  We can’t know for sure what the next big thing will be. But we can be educated about emerging trends, and be willing to experiment with new platforms. Here are a few platforms we are looking to explore:

  1. New geotargeting capabilities through Google business listings and foursquare
  2. Narrowcasting
  3. Deep linking

Thanks for reading, -Patrick

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