Three Social Media Sites You Should Not Ignore.

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We all know that marketers are focusing heavily on Facebook and Twitter, but should we also pay attention to the other social sites out there?  It is impossible to post unique content every day on every site, besides who wants to be huge on Bebo?  Here is quick rundown of some social media sites that have benefits outside of the big two.


The 6 second long looping video site is super simple.  You cut a video either all at once or at a stop-start approach, and post.  The integration with Facebook and Twitter is also incredibly easy, making it very easy to integrate into the larger social media sites.

Why use Vine?

Vine can be a powerful tool acting as almost a bridge between photos and videos.  Data has shown that pictures are viewed more than videos with the assumption being that not everyone has the patience to watch a three-minute video.

Vine was the fastest growing app of 2013, so the audience is growing faster than any other app.  This coupled with its’ ability to integrate with Facebook and Twitter means that it’s not another site to manage, just a tool that can deliver dynamic content to your target audience.


Snapchat allows a user to post any picture that will disappear after a specified amount of time (from 1-10 seconds).  Big organizations like Major League Baseball and Taco Bell have already started using Snapchat and with over 400 million Snapchats sent every day, now is the time for small businesses to do something different from their competition.

 Why use Snapchat?

Snapchat can be used differently than any other social media site.  You can present a call to action with coupons and giveaways that create a sense of urgency for users.


Pinterest is the visual discovery tool that users can “pin” ideas for projects, ideas, or interests.  Pinterest often gets overlooked as a social medium but has over 70 million users.

 Why use Pinterest?

For any business that has a visual element, such as fashion, design, food, or travel, it makes sense to have a page.  You can use Pinterest to deliver content to customers where they are already spending time – on Pinterest.

Should you go out and join all of these peripheral sites?  Maybe, maybe not, it’s up to you and what your social media strategy looks like and what you resources you have available to manage the various sites.   There are definite advantages to using more than just Facebook and every day there are new Social Networking sites that will fight for your (and your customers) attention.  We don’t have to use them all, but it will always be in our best interest to understand the features and benefits of new tools.

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