Would You Like to Play a Game?

Sorry, Matthew Broderick  isn’t going to help you out, and we’re not trying to save the world today.


We wrote previously about the Gamification of training and I wanted to make a short example to using Articulate Storyline.  We wanted the sample just to show what can be done but also not be too cumbersome for a test.  It’s essentially just a fun quiz (is that even a thing?) about Social Media and some best practices.


Besides, who doesn’t like Pit Trap Larry?*

Pit Trap Larry

 *Pit Trap Larry and any references to other awesome video games from your childhood are purely coincidental.


There is so much potential for elearning to cross over to the gaming realm, it’s an exciting time to be in corporate education.  We are finally getting the streaming speed and ease of sharing necessary to train just in time and make it a rewarding experience for the learner.

Thanks for reading and playing along,


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