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Social Media for Social Good

We all know the Facebook posts that encourage you to like a post to support a cause or if it gets enough likes, some amazing company will do something amazing.  The truth is often however that these are scams that exploit the Facebook like algorithm.  Basically, these companies manipulate these rankings so they show up […]

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The 2014 Sochi Olympics, Your Guide for Who and What to Follow

The Sochi Olympics has already made a name for itself in so, many ,areas, most of them let’s just say aren’t feel good news stories.  We’ve already seen marketing opportunities as well as Public Relations nightmares and we’ll continue to bring you any great ideas we see throughout the games.  First however, we thought we could help […]

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Patrick’s Super Bowl Post

It’s that time of year again… and the Super Bowl ad line-up, unlike the lack of a game, did not disappoint. Our newest team member, Patrick Ryan, has graciously agreed to share his insights on advertising’s biggest night of the year. Patrick brings tons of experience in strategic communications and corporate education/training, and a fresh perspective […]

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Video is a Powerful Medium

I, like most people, don’t really understand the science behind flight. But I do think that airplanes are really cool (I may have a slight bias because I am married to a pilot). Even more than the miracle of flight and airplanes, I am a sucker for video as a marketing medium. Video is a […]

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Power Down

Yesterday during an afternoon storm the power went out for nearly three hours. Unfortunately, I went into said power outage with a low charge on my trusty laptop and was unable to use it after about an hour into said outage. After sitting around trying to get interested in a magazine for 20 minute or […]

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