Your Facebook Feed – How it’s Populated

With more users still joining Facebook and “liking” more and more brand pages, there is less space on a typical user’s feed.  To combat an overwhelming feed, Facebook changed their overall algorithm for populating your news feed.  The goal of the change was to give more visibility to relevant and timely information as well as to punish sites that simply repost low quality images that get a large amount of likes and promote spammers to your feed.

Entire businesses were built around getting “likes” and “shares” for other brands and with this change that is no longer the case.  These same businesses have to  adjust and instead of spamming content, they have to actually create interesting and engaging content, not just cat pictures.  The total number of likes a post gets isn’t as relevant anymore as engaging the user with interesting and relevant content.

Facebook now populates a newsfeed for each individual person considering these factors:

 How Facebook populates your feed


Essentially this means that deeper, more engaging content results in  a higher priority in the newsfeed.  This in turn means readers are more engaged with the content and stay on Facebook longer.  This whole cycle results in  a win for the reader, a win for advertisers, and a win for Facebook.

So, how can you dictate what you see on your feed?  Like and share content that you want to see, and the algorithm will adjust. If you want to see pictures of your friend from high school and her four kids every day then make sure to like the posts, they will be there every day.  It’s what you like and share that ultimately dictates your newsfeed with specific weight given to more engaging content such as links, videos, and pictures.

What if You Want Your Content in a Newsfeed?

What if you own a small business and would like your content in your target’s newsfeed?   You have to adapt as well:


Provide your audience with tips, tricks, advice, links to current events that align with your company’s objectives.  Your audience will see you as a resource for valuable information and be willing to visit your page for updates and share your posts with others.

Post Emotional Content

Showcasing your company’s community and providing content that isn’t all about selling to your fans creates an emotional attachment and builds brand equity.

Prompt Fan Engagement

Openly soliciting for shares and likes is against Facebook policy, but encouraging fan interaction through posts with caption contests, multiple choice questions, and asking thought provoking questions get much more interactions when compared to text-based posts.

Use Images

Dress up your compelling information with graphics.  Images take up more of a newsfeed and receive more likes than even videos; I mean who has time for a three minute cat video?

Understanding how Facebook delivers content to your Newsfeed will help you navigate the pictures of people’s kids and pets even better than before.  It might even provide you with actual content you want to see, who knew!

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